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musical theatre Intensive?

Ready to take your shot? Immerse yourself in the world of “Hamilton” with this five-session workshop! Learn the history, master the lyrics and rap techniques, perfect your vocals, dance to iconic choreography, and culminate in a supportive performance workshop. Unleash your inner performer and experience the magic of this acclaimed musical!

This intensive is an exciting and immersive program that delves into the world of the hit musical “Hamilton.” This class is designed for aspiring performers and musical theatre lovers who want to explore the music and performance aspects of this iconic show.  The intensive will end with a showcase where students perform music from the show for an invited audience.


Who are your

Gabriel Fuentes

Shelby Ward Choreographer

Nora Naomi Martinez
Music Director

Lauren Cosio
Music Director


October 7th
Group Number Choreography
October 14
Vocal Coaching
October 21
Acting Emphasis
October 28
Putting it all together
November 5th
2pm & 4pm
The details

Session 1: Choreography and Movement

  • The first session will focus on the unique and energetic choreography featured in “Hamilton.”
  • Students will learn key dance sequences, blending hip-hop, contemporary, and traditional musical theatre styles.
  • The instructor will break down the movements step-by-step, catering to participants of all dance experience levels.
  • Students will learn their opening and closing numbers to the songs of “Hamilton.” 
  • This session will help students embody the characters’ emotions and intentions through dynamic movement.

Session 2: Vocal Coaching and Technique

  • In session two, students will receive dedicated vocal coaching to master the challenging songs of “Hamilton.”
  • The instructor will work on vocal techniques specific to the musical’s rap and hip-hop style.
  • Each student will have the opportunity to perform a solo, duet or trio with selected songs from the show, receiving individualized feedback.

Session 3: Acting Emphasis and Character Development

  • The focus of this session will be on acting and character development in “Hamilton.”
  • The instructor will guide students in delivering authentic and emotionally impactful performances for their group numbers as well as their solo, duets or trios.

Session 4: Putting It All Together – Showcase Preparation

  • The final session will be dedicated to putting it all together! 
  • This session will serve as a preparation for a showcase, where students will perform their rehearsed pieces for an audience!


Ages: 7-18

Rehearsal Dates: October 7, 14, 21, 28, 2023
9am-11am or 1pm-3pm (based on group placement)

Performance Date: November 5th, 2023
2PM & 4PM

Rehearsal Location: Music Masters
15714 Huebner Road

Performance Location: The Radius Center
106 Auditorium Circle (across from the Tobin Center)

Cost: $375

*We will be splitting students into two group A & B. Placement based on number of students/ages signed up*

*there will be no refunds after September 29th!*

For questions please email-

*For educational purposes only. We will NOT be performing Hamilton the Musical*