Unleash Your Inner Ghost with Beetlejuice: The Musical Workshop!

Welcome to a spine-tingling experience that transcends the ordinary. Join us for a thrilling journey into the world of Broadway as we dive headfirst into the iconic choreography and soul-stirring melodies of the sensational Beetlejuice the Musical.

Get ready to step into the eerie and electrifying universe of Beetlejuice as our expert instructors guide you through the legendary choreography that has bewitched audiences worldwide. From “”Dead Mom” to the devilishly delightful “Say My Name,” you’ll be mastering the moves that make this musical a true Broadway sensation.

The magic doesn’t end in the rehearsal studio! After weeks of intensive training, you’ll have the chance to showcase your newfound talents in a performance for an invited audience. Picture yourself under the spotlight, surrounded by the ghostly ambiance of Beetlejuice – an experience that will send shivers down your spine and leave your audience enchanted!

**In addition to the workshop, students will be able to attend the Beetlejuice Masterclass, Saturday, February 17th FREE OF CHARGE!** (for information on this class please visit our masterclass series page)

Who are your

Abigail Cisneros


Olivia Roth


Lauren Cosio

Music Director


March 16th
First Group Number Rehearsal
March 23rd
Individual Number Rehearsal
March 30th
Individual Number Rehearsal
April 6th
Group Number Choreography
April 14th*
Putting in all Together
April 20th
Possible Dress Rehearsal
April 21st
2pm & 4pm
The details

Choreography and Movement

  • Students will focus on the unique and energetic choreography in the style of “Beetlejuice.”
  • Students will learn key dance sequences, blending hip-hop, contemporary, and traditional musical theatre styles.
  • The instructor will break down the movements step-by-step, catering to participants of all dance experience levels.
  • Students will learn their opening and closing numbers to the songs of “Beetlejuice.” 
  • This session will help students embody the characters’ emotions and intentions through dynamic movement.

Vocal Coaching and Technique

  • Students will receive dedicated vocal coaching to master the challenging songs of “Beetlejuice.”
  • The instructor will work on vocal techniques specific to the musical’s pop style.

Acting Emphasis and Character Development

  • The instructor will guide students in delivering authentic and emotionally impactful performances for their group numbers as well as their solo, duets or trios.

Putting It All Together – Showcase Preparation

  • The final sessions will be dedicated to putting it all together! 
  • These sessions will serve as a preparation for a showcase, where students will perform their rehearsed pieces for an audience!


Ages: 7-18
*we will have two groups depending on age*

Saturday, March 16th
Saturday, March 23rd
Saturday, March 30th
Saturday, April 6th
**SUNDAY, APRIL 14th**
Saturday April 20th (TBD based on progress of the classes)

9am-11am OR 12pm-2pm

Performance Date:
April 21, 2024
2PM & 4PM

Rehearsal Location: Music Masters
15714 Huebner Road

Performance Location: The Radius Center
106 Auditorium Circle (across from the Tobin Center)

Cost: $350

*there will be no refunds after March 1, 2024*

For questions please email-

*For educational purposes only. We will not be performing Beetlejuice the Musical*


Over the course of 12 hours of guided theater instruction, your student will refine their acting, singing, and dancing skills centered around the theme of Beetlejuice. The program will culminate in a showcase for an invited audience!

No audition necessary! All skill levels are welcome. Upon payment through STRIPE, parents will receive a confirmation email containing workshop details

We understand that spring break and Easter are around this time. Your student is allowed to miss sessions; however, we kindly request that they review rehearsal videos and come prepared for the next session.

All levels are welcome to join, however if you feel your student is at a professional level, please look into our summer academy. 

A full refund will be granted before March 1, 2024. No refunds will be issued after this date

Please email with any special needs accommodations. 

Please call or text 210-999-0870. There will be someone on call at all times during the sessions. 

Students should arrive for rehearsal in clothing they can move in and closed toed shoes. 

Discounts are available for families enrolling more than one sibling, and scholarships are awarded based on financial need. If you believe you qualify for a discount or scholarship, please send an email to